December the 10th – So after having the weekend to reflect on everything we had just been told we decided it would be best for us to find out for sure whether Romeo did have 22q. I called up the fetal medicine unit on the Monday morning and told them I would like to go ahead with the amnio, they had an appointment that day for 11.30 so I got myself ready and my mum took me down there.

The amnio consists of them scanning to see where baby is laying and where is best to take a sample of amniotic fluid they then insert a long thin needle into the womb and extract some of the amniotic fluid for testing every chromosone. The results of this can take 10-14 days, great that would literally take us up to Christmas. I remember being so strong whilst being there, inside I was screaming but I didn’t let out a good cry until I got home and was on my own.

Whilst there we discussed the “options” as I was now 22 weeks pregnant. Now this isn’t the nicest of subjects to bring up but I need to be honest and truthful; basically the legal limit to terminate pregnancy is 24 weeks however in cases like this they are able to do so later on but it needs to get sign off from several doctors. The procedure is injecting the babies heart to stop it beating and then being induced to give birth to it. This was heartbreaking to hear and I knew that I physically and mentally could never go through with that. This baby was given to me for a reason regardless of what health problems he may have he is still a life, my baby and I feel him kicking and moving around inside me every day. No matter what the outcome of the results I knew that this baby is here to stay and I will fight for him always.

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