Further Scans


I was back up at Southampton at the end of January this time the cardiologist scanning was Dr Black. He was happy with how the baby’s heart was developing, the diagnosis remains the same but actually at birth his condition will not affect him straight away therefore they were happy with me to have as normal birth as possible at my local hospital providing he was growing as normal.

I had no plans or hopes for labour and birth as I did not mind what happens just whatever is best for the baby.

We had further scans in our local hospital which were regular growth scans as I was now classed as a high risk pregnancy. The first one wasn’t great he was measuring on the 5th percentile. 2 weeks later we went back and he had put on an ounce. 1 ounce in 2 weeks surely that’s not good. He had now dropped of the percentile.

The consultant did not want to interfere with birth due to his heart condition so asked for me to be re scanned in 3 weeks, this would take me up to full term at 38 weeks.

The final scan, he is still measuring small so the consultant was called down whilst we were waiting they put me on the heart rate monitor to see how baby was doing (the first one of many)

After a while the consultant spoke to us she had arranged for us to go to Southampton for a further scan that afternoon as they were not happy with me now delivering locally as the baby had not gained enough weight and they did not know what to expect with him from birth. I suppose the important thing is that I deliver somewhere where there is specialists on hand should he need them and deep down I was glad, the last thing I wanted was to give birth and have my baby blue lighted to another hospital.

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