The Results


December the 22nd – The longest 2 weeks ever. My anxiety every time my phone rang was through the roof. Not knowing whether or not if we were going to be delivered another shattering blow, it’s all I could think about every day and I was scared, really scared. The thought of Christmas was a write off all I cared about was knowing what lay ahead for us and the baby.

An emotional rollercoaster; this brought me and Jimmy so much closer together as we were the only people who were really going through this, now I know all our family cares and feels the impact too but this was OUR baby and only we can make the decision on what is best for us and the baby. We didn’t know anyone else in a situation like this so we really leaned on each other for support during the wait.

The phone rings, I can tell by the number it is Southampton. “Hello, we have good news the results have come back and your baby has normal chromosomes” I can’t even remember what else she said I just burst into tears with relief and immediately rang Jim to let him know. This was the best Christmas present ever, now we don’t have an easy journey ahead of us with his heart condition but atleast this was one less thing for us to have to worry about. As a parent you want the best for your child, I know we could handle it no matter what was thrown at us but this really was the best outcome for us.

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