April the 2nd – I didn’t really know what to expect when we got to Southampton. I had my hospital bag in the car just in case but I kind of thought I would be going home that night, oh how wrong I was.

This was the first of 6 days spent in hospital. They scanned us and everything was as they thought from my hospital notes, the baby is measuring small and they needed to induce me as he is not gaining enough weight.

“Good news, we can induce you tonight!” Secretly I just wanted to have one more night in my own bed. But off we went to the delivery suite, they did the first induction but realistically nothing was going to happen that night so they sent Jimmy home until the next morning when they would examine me at 6.30am. I had to sleep in a labour bed, it was the worst nights sleep ever and I was so jealous of Jimmy getting our bed to himself.

April the 3rd – 6.30am and they examine me, nothing has happened so they do the 2nd induction. They have to leave so many hours between doing them but I thought today could be the day I have my baby, this is his birthday.. how exciting!

Hours have passed, many of which I have been strapped to the heart rate monitor not being able to move! We are now onto our 3rd midwife Laura she was lovely and by the evening time she examined me, still no change. Time for the 3rd induction.

After this as progress was really slow Laura had arranged our own room on the ward for me and Jimmy to both stay the night with our own beds. The last proper nights sleep I will probably have for 18 years.

April the 4th – Okay so today has to be the day surely, today is his birthday.

The doctor did not come round to examine me until late morning, I was so bored and fed up of being in hospital now and it didn’t help with people constantly texting and asking for updates when there was no update to give, this was a long drawn out process. Finally when the doctor examined me she said good news we can break your waters today we are just waiting for a delivery suite to become available. Finally it felt like something was happening. It wasn’t until about 3.30pm they took me down to delivery.

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