20 Week Scan


December the 5th – so technically I was 22 weeks pregnant when we went for our 20 week scan, I’m so impatient that we paid to have a gender scan a couple of weeks before this and we found out we were having a boy! This was one of the happiest days in my pregnancy, I’ve never seen Jimmy look so happy before. A son, every man wants a son. Someone to share his love of football with; another spurs fan in the making! ⚽️

I’m so glad we did this as our 20 week scan was anything but happy. I remember the day so clearly, it was pissing down with rain. There were no spaces left in the maternity car park so we had to walk in the rain from the main car park to the maternity building getting soaked!

Romeo was in an awkward position so they sent me off for a walk when we came back into the room to be scanned again I noticed they were spending a lot of time looking at his heart, it was at this moment I started to get that awful gut feeling that something was wrong. “It might just be the way he is laying and we can’t get a clear view of his heart. I would rather get a second opinion on this” the sonographer said. We were escorted to one of the quiet rooms in the unit whilst we awaited a midwife to come in and explain more. “We’ve referred you to Southampton for the cardiologist to have a better look at the baby’s heart, we don’t know whether it’s the way he is laying or if there is a problem with his heart so we would rather get a second opinion from the Fetal medicine unit there.” I burst in to tears, this was so vague I didn’t know what it could mean as far as I was concerned my baby was fine I had heard his perfect little heart beating in my 16 week midwife appointment and now I’m being told there could be a problem. Automatically you just fear the worst and when I got home that night sure enough I started googling the hell out of heart problems picked up in the 20 week scan, probably not the best idea but I just wanted to know there and then instead of waiting 2 days.