Our First Month


I ended up staying in hospital for 3 days with Romeo, by the end of it I couldn’t wait to get out of there and just take him home; although the help I received from the midwifes on the ward was amazing, you just kind of want to get on with it yourself.

Being a first time mum is hard but being a first time mum to a baby with a heart condition well that’s even harder. There’s no instruction manual for babies, you can read books etc about them and what to do but when you have a baby with a serious heart condition and no one else around you who has been through it, that was tough. I was scared to even let him cry for longer than 2 minutes, what if he runs out of oxygen and has a TET spell? What if he’s not putting on enough weight, tiring from feeding and needs and NG tube? These are all things I have to consider now.

As I’ve got to know Romeo I know he is one tough little cookie and a lot more resilient than you first think, I can leave him for longer than 2 minutes to have a cry, hes a baby thats what they do… Eat, Sleep, Poo & Cry.

I felt more reassured after going to his first cardio appointment on the 29th April, his Echo and ECG came back fine and all as expected from my scans when I was pregnant. At the moment his sats are good and the pulmonary valve is a good width however as he gets bigger and his heart grows his pulmonary valve will get narrower and that is when the cyanosis can start. The target weight for surgery is 7kg, Romeo is 2.5kg he still has a long way to go until they can fix his little broken heart.

Our first month has been good, hes putting on weight like he should and I feel like I really know Romeo inside and out now. I know what his little cues are and if he is hungry, pooped or just needs some cuddles. We even survived Daddy going back to work and it just being the two of us. Being a parent is tough but it really is the most rewarding job there is and its true what they say, there really is no love like it.